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1) This is the first DeFi coin with an elastic supply, which means that new coins can ONLY be minted and produced if new liquidity comes in. It is also the first DeFi coin where every holder is also a liquidity provider. It is like the App Store of DeFi. A LOT of developers will want to build apps on it because it is so liquid.

2) This is the world’s first true DeFi coin as there are zero advantages to the creators of the coin. There are no developer fees, pre-mined supply that someone keeps in their back pocket, no influencer fees, etc. It is completely FAIR and a level playing field for everyone. It is designed EXACTLY the way Satoshi Nakamoto designed Bitcoin. This means that A LOT of developers will want to build apps on this coin for those reasons as well. The only advantage we all have is the same advantage Satoshi had with Bitcoin, which is that we are the first to get in.3) This is TRULY, TRULY DECENTRALIZED. The websites of all the DeFi coins you see out there are hosted on a centralized server somewhere and have a registered domain name with someone like GoDaddy. This coin does not. It is hosted on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), and it is lightning FAST! There is no other DeFi coins that utilizes the IPFS technology. Again, another reason why A LOT of developers will want to create apps with this coin, and a HUGE reason the crypto community WILL want in on this quickly.4) YOU ARE NOT GIVING YOUR MONEY TO A COMPANY! You’re not even leaving it with an exchange. You truly have FULL control over your own funds! You put your money into a liquidity pool in the form of a smart contract and can withdraw it from the pool at ANY time. There is no need to do KYC or any of that…

✓ And you are not at the mercy of any company, exchange, or government. 

✓ A Fully Decentralized App Store

✓ An Innovative New Digital Asset With User Backed Value

✓ A Revolutionary Referral Program (15% first level, 10% second level)

✓ A Breakthrough Investment Opportunity

Here’s the list of ways to earn with NRGY:

1. Earn on the NRGY coin value as liquidity is increased

2. Earn from staking NRGY @4% weekly (100 weeks) Right now it’s MORE – 10% weekly another couple weeks like that

3. Earn 25% of staking revenue as a community builder by inviting people to use the NRGY platform (15% tier1 / 10% tier2)

4. Earn 20% of all shared Dapp revenues (stake holders of 25 NRGY+)