I help people Discover & Execute their life Purpose through sound Christ-like Leadership helping me fulfill the Great Commission and help people achieve Multi-generational Autonomy. I teach about Financial Freedom & Autonomous Living to help individuals preserve their values. I am called to help organizations and communities succeed worldwide as a Change Agent for struggling Economies & Families! Get serious about ensuring your Daily Pay and 21st Century Resiliency to ensure that you succeed faster with Crypto-currency and Precious Metals! I am an author on Personal Freedom, provide Exclusive Lectures, coach people, families and organizations apply concepts of Group Economics in light of the problems of Biblical proportions our world faces. Let’s build together. Rise and build! From Timbuktu to Tulsa.

Dr. Autonomy - Israel Ag Nouh Yattara, Evangelist

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The SOP (Solar Oil Project) is a revolutionary application of tokenized DeFi to address one of the major ecological challenges of our time while providing Oil Commodity backed rewards!

Solar Oil Project ⛽

The revolutionary tokenized oil project that rehabs old oils with new, solar-powered technology while reducing carbon footprint by up to 92%, cost reductions of 60%+, and eliminates the water & soil pollution from abandoned wells.

World's 1st Tokenized Eco-friendly Oil Production Platform
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Khaleed R., Income Shifted

I have been following Israel for a while now and really got the help I needed to Shift My Income.

Make The Big Oil Corps Pay You Every Day! Earn BTC & ETH Daily via the SOPX token. Let's talk.
Choose Your Daily Desired Revenue
Simply put, you purchase SOAX tokens (Solar Oil Access).  The number of tokens determines how much oil revenue you’ll get daily!
Grow Your Oil Earnings

As oil is produced, you receive a portion of it in accordance with how many Access tokens you used in Step 1.

Produce Oil Daily In Form of SOPX
Convert your SOPX tokens to BTC or ETH and cash it out OR increase your holdings by converting SOPX to SOAX automatically and start increasing your oil empire!

Making An Impact One Community At A Time ...

Dr. Autonomy with Alphonso Michael Espy (born November 30, 1953) is an American politician who served as the 25th United States Secretary of Agriculture from 1993 to 1994. He was both the first African American and first person from the Deep South to hold the position. A member of the Democratic Party, Espy previously served as the U.S. Representative for Mississippi's 2nd congressional district from 1987 to 1993.
Dr. Autonomy with G.T. Bynum · Prior to his time as mayor, G.T. served as a Tulsa City Councilor for 8 years. George Theron Bynum IV (born August 28, 1977) is an American politician and lobbyist from the state of Oklahoma. A member of the Republican Party, Bynum is the 40th mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prior to becoming mayor, he served as a city councilor for Tulsa's ninth district. He is a political moderate.